Welcome from the Head of School

The ISA Wenhua Guangzhou Foreign Language School IB Program is a unique program which combines the best practice of Chinese traditional education with the international education, and aims to prepare the learners fully for their higher education in the universities and for the challenges in the rapid changing world in the twenty-first century.

In the program, we take the advantage of the culture in Guangzhou Foreign Language School and the ISA International Education Group to full effect to ensure every student benefit from an integrated holistic education. The highly qualified and experienced educators from all over the world provide a caring and compassionate environment, in which each student is treated as an individual with their own aptitudes, and is encouraged to learn inquiringly to discover their own interests and talents so that they can develop their full potential. In doing so, we offer tailor-made individualized learning programs to enable our students to achieve higher level of learning by challenging learning through their specific interests and learn to be leaders in their chosen fields from a young age. In addition, students are encouraged to initiate and participate in a wide range of activities in sports, arts, sciences and languages in CCA to explore their interests and grow into the best version of themselves.

In the program, English is the language of instruction in terms of the language policy. However, the majority of the student body are non-native speakers of English. Therefore, it is vital for us to support the students to reach the required level of English proficiency with our total immersion ESL program. The ESL center offers students daily intensive training of academic English and individualized support whenever it is needed. Apart from the ESL program, all the subjects except Chinese are taught in English to enable all the students to get a rewarding experience in learning other subjects in English. Furthermore, our students are immersed in English in CCA which offers them opportunities to learn another foreign language as well. As a result, our students will be at least bilingual, if not multi-lingual and develop a good sense of intercultural understanding and global perspective.

In the learning community of the ISA Wenhua GFLS IB Program, students have easy access to a variety of purposeful projects that require them to engage in critical thinking by examining local, global and intercultural issues, and learn to understand and appreciate the perspectives and world views of others and take actions for collective well-being and sustainable development. In doing so, students grow up to be life-long learners with international-mindedness and a strong national identity, and contribute to the growth of their national and the harmony of the world in the future.

With the best of my wishes,

Mr Tony Huo

Head of the ISA Wenhua GFLS IB Programme